Different Meditation Techniques

Meditation is an approach in which people train their mind and induces a mode of consciousness. It generally refers to the practice that includes techniques designed to encourage relaxation, build internal energy and develop compassion. Meditation is an internal effort to self-regulate the mind. Regular practice of meditation may cure various health issues like high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and so on. It may involve generating an emotional state for analyzing various states like anger, hatred and so on. It is a state in which you build your connection with the soul. Though an ordinary person may consider it as a prayer, but it’s not true. It is more than a prayer; meditation means awareness of the inner soul.

In the process of meditation, you need to concentrate on something. Whatever you do with awareness or consciousness like watching your breath, listening to music and so on is meditation. The activities which are free from the distraction to mind said as effective meditation. Basically, meditation is not a particular technique; it is a way of life. It is a thought process that describes the state of consciousness. When the mind is free from the scattered thoughts, the observer realizes that all the activities of the mind become one.

Different people have different believe system about the meditation techniques. There are a number of meditation techniques; some are concentrative in which you need to focus on something and the other techniques are expensive techniques like Vipassana meditation which involves a free flow of thoughts and their observation. For the beginners, it is advised to perform meditation under the guidance of experts. The most popular meditation techniques is mantra technique, in which you need to repeat specific sounds like japa in order to attain the meditation state. Mantra simply means a particular sound or a combination of sounds. The other techniques may involve Steady gaze (Trataka), Raj Yoga Meditation, Nada Yoga, Zazen, Chakra Meditation and so on. All the techniques involve some specific rules and regulation that you must have to follow otherwise they can harm as well.

As every person has different body type as well as their resistance power, so everyone has to be aware of their psychic body and how you respond for every posture in meditation. As much as you are aware of your body and mind, the better you perform the meditation techniques. The spiritual benefit of meditation cannot be defined in words, it is the supreme bliss or enlightenment.

The regular practice of meditation involves the improvement of body luster as well as the general health. Your power of concentrating on anything is also improved. During meditation, when your mind focuses on a particular part of the body, the flow of blood towards that particular part increases and consequently the cells receive more oxygen and other essential nutrients. Meditation strengthens your complete body and mind.

Apart from the various psychic benefits, meditation also involves various health benefits like it lowers oxygen consumption, increase flow of blood, slows the heart rate, decreases respiratory rate, reduces anxiety attacks, decreases muscle tension, increased penis size and helps in all the chronic diseases and so on.